Age of Awakening

AGE OF AWAKENING: A Wake-up Call for Humanity

Age of Awakening
In the 60s we had HAIR and the dawning of the AGE of
AQUARIUS. Today’s tumultuous times indicate we are
approaching another evolution – an AGE of AWAKENING.

A musical created by Chris Birkett, Micheal McIsaac and Joan Prowse
© 2016 Age of Awakening, The Foundation

AGE OF AWAKENING: A Wake-up Call for Humanity

AGE of AWAKENING is a theatrical musical stage show featuring original music by Chris Birkett performed by Canada’s top musicians. A love story weaves throughout the musical as two soul mates meet at the dawn of civilization and continue to reunite through a series of incarnations. As humanity awakens to a harmonious relationship to the planet and each other, the couple’s journey ends with the perfect resolution as the couple finally meet the conditions that allow their earthly union to manifest.

This musical journey is accompanied by regional and local dance troupes, augmented by outstanding set, sound, and lighting design with supporting rear-screen multimedia projections.

Each scene is introduced with a quote read by an iconic stage or screen personality to identify a period of awakening, from creation to the current millennium.

Before embarking on a cross-Canada tour, local communities are contacted to identify and invite cultural dancers and icons to take part in the show. This brings local audiences as well as local culture to
each event.

The project’s social impact initiative identifies environmentally friendly organizations and social justice groups inviting them to participate in information displays in the lobby of the theater before and after each show for audiences to connect directly to local interest groups.


Our lead characters meet and fall in love at the dawn of civilization but are soon wrenched apart by the changes humankind impose on the earth. They continue to meet each other through various epochs
but their relationship changes, as their personas are reincarnated throughout history. Eventually they discover each other in the last scene and rekindle the romantic love that takes on different forms against a constantly changing landscape of humanity.

The couple’s triumph in finding their original love serves as a symbol of hope for the world as we ourselves search for sustainability for the Earth and peace and prosperity for humanity.

Age of Awakening: A Wake-up Call for Humanity