Edward Sayers

Edward Sayers weaves folk, rock, country and blues together through intricate guitar playing and layered lyricism. Edward’s voice ranges from a soulful rasp to clean and powerful. whether its a soaring electric guitar with his band or an acoustic being picked and strummed Sayers’s live shows are intense and captivating. Edward’s major influences include Neil Young, The Tallest Man on Earth and The Band. Edward strives to push what a singer songwriter can do musically.

Edward performs both solo and with his backing band which consists of Nic Prabaharan on drums and Wesley Collet-Taylor on bass. Edward has played all across Toronto strumming his way through venues like Sneeky Dee’s and Lee’s Palace. No stranger to playing long shows, in 2014 Edward held a residency at The Corner House in Toronto’s east end where he performed 4 hours of original music weekly. Edward has toured east coast Canada several times as well as performing regularly in Ontario.

Edward has released one solo ep as well as a collection of songs with his backing band. 2014’s “Pax Romana” was Edward’s folk tinged debut. Songs like Kathleen and Bird in a Cage are still staples in Edward’s live show today. This coming fall Edward will release his debut full length album “Underdog Overlord” which was recorded and produced by the singer-songwriter

Edward Sayers Website – https://www.edwardsayers.com/