20 Flight Rockers is Ontario’s most ambitious rock ’n’ roll party trio!

The band plays a diverse repertoire of highly recognizable pop, blues, jazz, surf, and rockabilly songs from 1950’s to 2010’s as well as original music, all delivered in an original rockabilly-themed live show.

Due to the unique combination of skills and instruments, including a stripped down jazz drum kit, an upright bass, and a hollow body guitar, as well as a diverse lineup or special guest vocalists and instrumentalists, 20 Flight Rockers can deliver an exceptionally remarkable entertainment act from private parties and small chamber-like venues such as Castro’s or Timothy’s, to outdoor festivals, car shows, and full-scale open arenas, without compromising their unique signature groove and sound.


  1. 01 Blue Suede Shoes and an Orange Guitar 20 Flight Rockers
  2. 02 20 Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran) 20 Flight Rockers
  3. 03 Be-Bop-A-Lula (Gene Vincent) 20 Flight Rockers
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