20 Flight Rockers is Ontario’s most ambitious rockabilly-themed band!

When putting together their show, 20 Flight Rockers consider a diverse repertoire of highly recognizable dance tunes from 1950’s to 2010’s as well as their original songs wrapped in an authentic rockabilly-themed live performance. That’s right, stage presence is as important to the band as repertoire and musical perfection of its delivery.

Due to the unique combination of instruments, including a percussion set built exclusively with cajones, an upright bass, and a hollow body guitar, as well as a diverse roster or special guest female vocalists, 20 Flight Rockers can deliver an exceptionally remarkable entertainment act from small venues such Castro’s, The Junction Music Hall, or Communist’s Daughter, to outdoor festivals, car shows, and full-scale open-air arenas without compromising the extraordinary classical rockabilly groove and sound.

It doesn’t matter if your event is rockabilly-themed or not, 20 Flight Rockers will get your crowd dancing and enjoying a cool stage show with old-school and contemporary hits. Looking and sounding great, the Rockers will be playing music that appeals to anyone, – old, young, music lovers, dancers, traditionalists, professionals, and hipsters.

Nothing silly, just rockabilly!