Jeff Ewing, better known as Dr J. is a fun and engaging professional entertainer. He is an accomplished musician specializing on the keyboard and has a great voice. The moment he appears on stage, he charms you with his warm lovely personality rendering music from the early nineteen hundreds to the latest hits of today.

Our guests enjoy singing along and dancing to the songs from their youth – rock, country and country rock. They also want to visit with their friends without yelling over the music. Dr. J is not afraid to put a new sound or beat to an old song without losing his audience.

Jeff performs music from the 30’s to the 70’s and watches to see who his audience is and performs to the music he knows they will love. We loved it, the attendees loved it and we will have the honour of having Jeff attend our September 9th 2018 show not just for an hour but for the day. Thank you Jeff for bringing back song memories of our past in such a beautiful way!