Laura is a singer, songwriter, pianist, music producer, painter, award-winning illustrator and designer, radio host/producer (Café Latino, Jazz.FM.91)

Born in Madrid, Laura Fernandez’s transition to a career as a recording artist and performer was a natural extension of her work as a visual artist, who sees her musical compositions as paintings, but expressed in a different medium.

Laura says: “Painting, and especially illustrating for 25 years, had become limiting for me and wasn’t answering all my creative questions. Music has become a voyage of self-discovery for me.

There are no rules here, and this is exciting and liberating to me. I love the social aspects of making music, and the fact that it is a more direct route to the heart than painting.”


  1. 01 You and I Laura Fernandez
  2. 02 My Secret Love Affair Laura Fernandez
  3. 03 Red Red Bird Laura Fernandez
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