Melanie Peterson

Blessed with an ability to deliver quiet, sensitive vocals that are soaked with emotion, Melanie Peterson, a Saskatoon born, Toronto based, singer-songwriter and actress has quietly become one of the brightest lights on the Toronto folk music scene.

While receiving frequent plays on CBC Radio’s Fresh Air, the songs on Peterson’s latest album ‘We Got This’ are critically lauded as “stunning” and “spine-tinglingly good!” and what continue to make her a favourite across Canada for her live performances.

Melanie has been referred to as “Mary Poppins with a broken heart” by BBC Radio and has been recognized as having “a beautiful voice” and being a “terrific songwriter” by Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun. She earned a spot within the independent music scene in Toronto March 2012, when she showcased her songs during Canadian Music Week, at the Royal York Library Bar. She was invited back to perform two showcases at CMW 2013 where she played songs from her debut album.

Since her start on the music scene in Toronto in 2012, Melanie has sixteen releases ranging from EPs, to Christmas Singles and two full length albums, with glowing accolades from fans and press alike!

“A melodically enchanting songwriter and musically adept guitarist” ~ New Moon Magazine.

“If you are looking for super live music, check out Melanie Peterson, a terrific singer and songwriter…she sounds just as good live as she does on her album…. She has a beautiful voice and her songwriting is tops, too.” ~ Joe Warmington Toronto Sun.

“Melanie Peterson is destined for great things. With aching vibrato that reminds one of early Joni Mitchell she weaves the stories of her life into her music with effortless ease.” ~ Beaches Living.

“We have very much enjoyed playing a variety of tracks from ‘Unbreakable,’ Melanie’s first full length CD release and my Saturday morning listeners have been quick to let us know they enjoy what Melanie does!” ~ Monica Winfield, host BBC Radio Leicester.

Audiences across Canada and Ontario enjoy Melanie’s live performances. She toured across Canada on the VIA Rail Artists on Board Program, two East Coast tours and West Coast tour. Melanie looks forward to getting on the road again to sing for her fans.


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  1. 01 No More Mr Nice Girl (Dave Shaw Remix) Melanie Peterson
  2. 02 Lillian Melanie Peterson
  3. 03 Kiss Me Like You Mean It Melanie Peterson
  4. 04 What You're Selling Melanie Peterson
  5. 05 Been So Long Melanie Peterson

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