Paul Cafcae’s musical journey began at the age of 6 when his parents enrolled him into music school for accordion in the Soviet Union. Attending classes 4 days a week, the future songwriter was taught music theory, harmony, solfeggio, rhythm and music literature, with regular instrumental classes in accordion, piano, as well as vocals. At 15 he began focusing on guitar more than he had before. Quickly making it his instrument of choice, Cafcae went on to write original material, and ended up performing in several bands in Eastern Europe and Canada.

Playing live in Canada consistently since 2009, Paul has been writing songs that blend a number of like-minded genres: rockabilly, blues, and pop; the aesthetics of his songs bearing a vintage, old tape quality.

In his songwriting, Cafcae seamlessly crosses genres to breed a sound familiar, yet all his own. Laced with addicting progressions, a songwriting style that brings old and new together, and a melodically satisfying vocal approach, his records boast the aesthetic of indie pop rock anthems. The first single from his debut album, “Wonderful Day” earned the semi-finalist award at the 2019 Song of the year competition. While some other songs being compared to straight ’50s pop with a dash of surf rock, and ballads of Willie Nelson and Billy Joel.

Key Points of Interest:

● Currently working on a new record for 2020 release;

● Over 400 live performances in Europe and North America;

● Songs are concerned with relationships, authenticity, peak experiences, and personal introspection.